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LCFS finishes week up $2.75

Fair value in the California LCFS credits market gained 25 cents relative to from Thursday, easing mid-market value up to $66.75. Sell side indications held above $68.50, with buyers proving reluctant to chase offers. Marginal bids lingered around $65, with further buying interest pegged nearer $60. D5/D6 spreads narrowed again to $0.1225, about 4 cents lower than Thursday, as D6 RINs traded around $0.38 in size. Overseas bioethanol and biodiesel producers are continuing to eye the California physical market with interest given current high LCFS prices. Tighter D5/D6 RIN spreads will continue to work against the economics for imported biodiesel and ethanol to move into California, however.

LCFS price Aug 28


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