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German rapeseed stats confirm French farmers set to steal rapeseed crown

German farmers have pegged the country’s rapeseed crop at 4.9mn t as this year’s harvest nears completion, with the harvest in west and south of Germany largely finished already. The forecast is down 1.5% compared to June’s forecast, with a slight upgrade in expected yield over the past two months outweighed by 2% downgrade in expected rapeseed footprint.

Germany’s rapeseed acreage is expected to finish this year down 7.9% at 1.28mn ha, with yield slumping 14.6% YoY following a long-running drought.

The German harvest this year will lag France’s expected 5mn t of rapeseed production after France downgraded its own domestic rapeseed forecast earlier this week by 100,000t. Germany has long been Europe’s largest rapeseed producer, with the country’s farmers last year beating France’s rapeseed crop by 14%.


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