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European Commission hits Indonesia with biodiesel investigation

Two days after hitting Argentina’s biodiesel exporters with the near certainty of anti-subsidy duties from January, the European Commission has followed up with a second round aimed at Indonesia. The Commission says it has launched an anti-subsidy case against Indonesian exporters for the period between 1 October 2017 and 30 September 3018.

European sources expect the case to follow a similar timeline to the roughly calendar year it took to move Argentinian subsidies from January launch to December promise of delivery. This would leave the European biodiesel market open to imports of Indonesian PME through the summer demand peak, although the threat of provisional duties could be brought to play as a weight on importers’ minds.

“A case like this is not going to be that different [to the case against Argentina],” says an EU source, pointing to Indonesia’s higher alleged use of differential export taxes than subsidies as potentially the main pillar of investigation.


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