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POET increases biorefinery capacity

Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based bioethanol, and biorefined products producer POET Biorefining announced Tuesday the capacity expansion of its Marion, Ohio production facility.

The announced expansion, which is estimated to double the facilities current capacity from 70mn/gal annually to 150mn/gal annually, is projected to cost POET $120mn, with an expected completion date during the third quarter of 2018.

Along with the increased fuel production capacity, POET anticipates a near doubling of Marion’s annual high-protein animal feed production to 360,000 tons.

“As more drivers choose E15 fuel across the country and biofuels demand increases, growth opportunities such as this and new technologies to lower fuel emissions will follow,” said Jeff Lautt, POET Biorefining president.

POET currently operates a network of 27 production facilities across the US Midwest, with a combined estimated production capacity of 1.7bn/gal annually.

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