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European ethanol delivers record GHG savings in 2016

European ethanol provided an average greenhouse gas (GHG) saving of over 66% compared to fossil fuel in 2016, up 2% YoY, the European ethanol industry Association (ePURE) stated in a press release this week. This was the fifth consecutive year of increases in ethanol’s average GHG savings, which are now pegged almost 17% higher than 2011 levels.

Even so, the European Commission’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) recast proposal, which is now being considered by the European Parliament and the EU Member States, would phase out crop-based biofuels after 2020 and instead support only waste-based and other second-generation biofuels.

“Instead of pushing to phase out this sustainable European biofuel, the European Commission should be extolling ethanol as a home-grown source of clean-burning transport energy.” said Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary General of ePURE.

EU Ethanol savings vs Gasoline

JFS 07/06/2017

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