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Brazilian hydrous ethanol sales climb 7% in the first half of October

Fresh UNICA data confirmed that the hike in gasoline prices at the start of October in Brazil saw demand for hydrous ethanol soar, with domestic market sales for the first half of October sitting at 836,833m3, up 37% YoY, and 6% MoM.

Foreign sales of hydrous ethanol have also climbed, sitting at 57,189m3 after only hitting 10,902m3 this time last year. This leaves total exports of hydrous ethanol so far this harvesting season at 426,824m3, up 45% YoY.

With total hydrous ethanol production so far this year sitting at 27,422,572m3, and exports sales both domestically and to the foreign market at 10,531,312m3, implied stock levels for this harvesting season are currently sitting at 16,891,260m3.

Sales of anhydrous ethanol in the domestic market fell 19% MoM and are sitting down on levels from this time last year. Anhydrous ethanol exports are up 95% YoY, however have been falling MoM since hitting highs of 182,550m3 in August this year.

Anhydrous ethanol production so far for this harvest year is sitting at 18,856,306m3, down 11% YoY. With total anhydrous ethanol sales so far this season sitting at 5,818,288m3, Brazilian producers are sitting on roughly 13,000,000m3 worth of anhydrous ethanol stocks.


NB 23/10/2015


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