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Brazilian ethanol production continues to grow, with exports rising 44%

Brazilian ethanol production rose 2.36% for the second half of August, with sugar production continuing to drop, according to latest UNICA data. Production of hydrous ethanol rose 7.23% YoY for the second half of August, reaching 10.56 billion litres for the 2015/16 harvest season so far.

Total ethanol sales are up almost 35% on 2014/15 so far this year, with the majority of this going towards the domestic market, driven biofuels rising price competitiveness with gasoline among Brazilian consumers. Hydrous ethanol sales to the domestic market have soared 44%, with a slight increase in domestic anhydrous ethanol sales.

Total exports of Brazilian ethanol to the foreign market are up almost 60% YoY, with just under 500 million litres being exported in June and July alone. Anhydrous ethanol exports account for roughly 2/3rd’s of total foreign sales, while over 95% of hydrous ethanol sales are to the domestic market.

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