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Aemetis sign rights to cellulosic ethanol production technology


US ethanol producer Aemetis signed a Master of Agreement giving the firm the exclusive rights to use an advanced gasification technology to produce cellulosic ethanol, the company reported on Friday. The InEnTec technology, which was developed at MIT under the support of USDA will allow Aemetis produce low carbon cellulosic ethanol from biomass, with Aemetis holding the rights to the patented technology till 2024.

This new technology will compliment Aemetis’ licence for syngas-to-ethanol conversion with LanzaTech to produce “high yield, low cost cellulosic ethanol”. This cellulosic ethanol will qualify for a considerably lower carbon intensity than conventional ethanol under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard scheme, with cellulosic ethanol on average boasting an 80% greenhouse gas reduction compared to gasoline.

NB 8/8/2017

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