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US fuel stats show falling gasoline demand and enormous crude stock build

US weekly data indicates a drop in gasoline demand, with production falling 40Mbbl/d to 9,579Mbbl/d against a draw from stocks of 1,518Mbbl/d. This leaves implied gasoline demand sitting at 11,293Mbbl/d, down 9% WoW.

Ethanol production rose slightly to 951Mbbl/d with a draw from stocks of 84Mbbl. Implied ethanol demand is sitting 94Mbbl below the blend wall of 10% of gasoline consumption.

Crude oil production sat flat at 9,096Mbbl/d, with a huge stock build of 8,028Mbbl. Distillates production rose 2.5% to 4,723Mbbl/d  with a draw from stocks of 2,622Mbbl, as the heating season is well under way after starting on the first of October.



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