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Stalled policy could prevent the UK from meeting carbon emission targets


The UK Government’s unwillingness to change the country’s energy policy has put the nation at risk of not meeting its carbon emissions targets, according to a survey by energy industry association Energy Institute of its membership.

The energy sector in the UK is still waiting for a plan to set out how the country will meet its 2030’s objective of cutting its carbon emissions by 57% compared to 1990s levels, over a year after the plan was due to be published. The survey has found that four-fifths of the members of the Energy Institute believe the country will not now meet the target.

“If we’re going to keep on track there is an urgent need to get that [the Clean Power Plan] published”, said Jim Skea, president of the Institute.

In its 2017 Barometer, the Energy Institute also alerts policymakers to the need to decarbonise heat for homes and businesses including sourcing alternatives to natural gas. Brexit, says the Institute, was a new “material concern” given the uncertainty the UK’s planned exit from the EU brings.

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