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Softer LCFS market stays within sight of August highs


California LCFS credits dipped down to $64 on Wednesday as 5kt was traded, $1 dollar off from the previous session but still within $4 of August’s reported high trade at $68. 200,000t of credits traded in the whole of last month as liquidity slumped relative to July, CARB reported late on Tuesday. The Brazilian real extended its devaluation slide by another 1% on Wednesday to bring it to 3.78 to the dollar, increasing the allure of a still well supported LCFS market for sugar cane export economics. Total exports of Brazilian ethanol are up almost 60% YoY, of which anhydrous ethanol supplied around two thirds of the overall export volume. Elsewhere, ‎the D4 RINs market hit new lows on Wednesday at 41.25 cents/gal, in sympathy with plummeting SME biodiesel prices. D5/D6 RIN spreads tightened 1 cent/gal to 6.5 cents/gal.

lcfs price graph sep 9

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