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London Mayor commits to further carbon reduction


London wants walking, cycling and public transport to make up 80% of all transportation in the city by 2024, Deputy-Mayor Shirley Rodrigues told the LowCVP 2017 conference in the city on Tuesday.

While updated UK transport renewables policy is still stalled and biofuel mandates stuck at 4.75% for years, Rodrigues said Mayor Sadiq Khan wants London to switch all vehicles bought by Transport for London (TfL) to be zero emission vehicles and added that  TfL will only buy zero carbon buses starting from 2020.

Besides buses, all new cabs will have to be zero-emissions rated starting from next year. This measure, the deputy-Mayor said, will affect 100,000 vehicles since then.

Rodrigues urged the Government to “take urgent action” to tackle climate change as the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement is a “threat” and Brexit adds “more uncertainty”.

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