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Energy Europe Renewable Diesel Tax Policy

IEA stresses biofuels’ role in reducing carbon emissions


Biofuels have the potential to replace petroleum consumption in heavy-duty road transport and decarbonise the sector over the next decades, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest report, The Future of Trucks.

IEA has highlighted policies to promote biofuels and vehicles geared to using them as one of its three main recommendations for achieving a road freight emissions reductions as haulage demand rises.

The report says biofuels help reduce carbon emissions, especially if produced from low-carbon feedstocks. It notes that their use requires policy involvement and support for research and development to ensure adequate access to refuelling infrastructure.

The report is also in favour of biofuel mandates and low-carbon fuel standards for road freight transport as well as expanding access to drop-in biofuels for the diesel fuel pool.


JFS 04/07/2017

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