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IATA urges accelerated support for renewable jet fuel


Governments should speed up the deployment of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), according to IATA, the association representing 83% of the world’s airlines.

Renewable aviation fuels should benefit from the same incentives which governments use to promote biofuels, according to IATA. New laws would incentivise investment in research, develop, production and deployment of these fuels, IATA maintains.

“Drop-in alternative fuels are technically ready to go and can deliver up to 80% reduction in carbon emissions. Governments have a role in providing incentives to make [renewable jet fuels] commercially viable, just as they do with supporting the solar power for homes or electrically-powered cars”, said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

Juniac added that sustainable aviation fuels are “an integral part of our comprehensive strategy”, but lamented that “they are not being produced in enough quantity at a competitive cost”.

Airlines remain committed to working alongside governments to implement the global CO2 emissions agreements and playing a leading role in an International Civil Aviation Organization working group which will define the sustainability requirements for renewable jet fuels.

JFS/MS 09/06/2017

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