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California LCFS trades as Oregon updated Clean Fuel Program proposal

California LCFS credits traded at $64, holding steady between $63 and $65 but interest remains strong with the market watching for next week’s re-adoption meeting. Although the D5/D6 spread jumped up  to 11.25 cents as the D5 surged7 cents, the arb for Brazilian imports remained shut. Oregon issued an updated proposal for its Clean Fuels Program, proposing new CI values using a mix of new direct and indirect factors, which saw most CI’s rise, with the exception of UCO Biodiesel, the lone winner under the updated model. REG (Renewable Energy Group) formally hosted the opening of its 100 mgy biodiesel refinery based in Grays Harbor, Washington, which they acquired from Imperium in August, citing demand from California’s LCFS and other clean fuel programs on the West Coast as drivers of the purchase.

sep 15 price graph oregon cfs sep 15

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