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Strong California LCFS credits continue to favor waste fuels

California LCFS credits traded at $67 on Wednesday, little changed from indicative values the previous session. Discussion remained otherwise active with a continued depth of bids and offers reported. High credit prices are continuing to offer strong incentives for waste-based biofuel producers to sell into California. Corn oil biodiesel producers remain the top beneficiaries of their low carbon pathway under LCFS methodology, with credits offering a 75.85 ‎cent/gal premium to physical values. D4 biomass-based RIN prices meanwhile offer blenders just a 31.6 cent/gal price offset by comparison. Imported renewable diesel garners an LCFS “green premium” value of 65.54 cents/gal meanwhile, beating D5 RIN values at 26.76 cents by more than 50%.

sep 2 graph pricelcfs and rins value

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