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Bio LPG plant due to open in Rotterdam in 2016

Neste have started building the world’s first Bio LPG production plant on Friday 2nd October in Rotterdam, according to their latest press release. The plant is due to be complete by the end of 2016, and the bio LPG will be sold from the refinery in Rotterdam by SHV Energy. The production capacity of this new plant will be 40,000mt per year.

Bio LPG is a much less carbon intense option to traditional LPG, which can be used in conventional LPG applications without changing any existing technology. Bio LPG is already being acknowledged by the UK department of transport and has been issued Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFC) under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation accreditation. SHV are also pushing countries such as France, Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland and Benelux to adopt a similar system.


NB 2/10/2015

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