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Biodiesel Europe

Yeast buyers kick back on Annex A

Similar to the split in the Finnish wood industry over the classification of Tall Oil as a Renewable Energy Directive II Annex A advanced biofuel feedstock, traditional European end-users of molasses are kicking back against the Commission’s draft proposal to list molasses as another advanced biofuel feedstock under the RED II proposal.

Molasses should be seen as a “valuable” food and feed material rather than a waste or residue, jeopardising high value applications in existing food and feed businesses, says a new campaign letter signed by European confederations of yeast and feed manufacturers Cofalec and FEFAC, European Fermentation Group EFG and European Former Foodstuff Processors Association EFFPA. RED II threatens to divert increasing volumes of molasses into fuel applications once the grade’s classification as a crop-based biofuel feedstock lapses when RED expires in 2020, the associations complain.

“The competitiveness of the European yeast and fermentation industry will be seriously affected if more yeast and fermentation products need to be imported from outside the EU,” the associations said.

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