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Spain moves forward on new national biofuels plan


Biofuel stakeholders in Spain have until June 15 to deliver their opinions on the government’s proposals for a post-2020 biofuel roadmap, after the document was published by the Ministry of Energy on 19 May.

After years lagging implementation of the renewable energy directive requirements on sustainability and carbon thresholds, the new roadmap sets out Spain’s proposals for complying with the original Renewable Energy Directive (RED) standard set up in 2009.

The plan sets out calculation requirements and methodologies for GHG emissions in the transport sector, demanding biofuels produced in plants operational after 5 October 2015 hit 60% GHG cuts relative to fossil fuels. Older plants will have to hit a 50% GHG emissions saving from next year, a year after the 2017 deadline built into the RED for countries to switch from a 35% to 50% threshold GHG saving in order to qualify biofuels towards national mandates.

In line with European Commission plans to drive technologically advanced biofuels adoption, Spain plans to require the delivery of at least 0.1% advanced biofuels by energy content by 2020. The percentage can be altered depending on the availability of qualifying product.

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