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REG Applauds Summertime B20 Mandate in MN

Ames, Iowa- based biodiesel supplier and biorefinery operator Renewable Energy Group (REG) expressed its support for the Minnesotan government in increasing the state’s summertime biofuel mandate.

Starting 1 May, 2018, 20pc biodiesel blends (B20) will be allowed entrance into the states fuel supply, up from the current 10pc biodiesel blend (B10) cap. The B20 requirement will last from 1 May to 30 September each year.

The announcement adheres to a decade-long trend in which the Minnesotan government has steadily raised the state’s biodiesel usage requirement, first from B2 in 2005, then to B5 in 2009 and to summertime use of B10 in 2014. The B5 remains the minimum obligation year-round.

REG owns and administers a multi-feedstock refinery in Albert Lea, Minnesota, which can produce nearly 41mn/gal of biodiesel annually. The company welcomed the opportunity for it and others in the biodiesel industry to supply an expected 30 million additional gallons of biodiesel under the new mandate, and expressed the beneficial environmental and economic impacts of doing so.

“Minnesota has been a leader in proving the benefits of higher biodiesel blends and this is another pioneering step toward cleaner air, energy security and value-added agriculture,” said REG VP of Sales & Marketing Gary Haer.

REG owns and operates 14 active biorefineries and a feedstock processing facility. This year, REG reached two-billion gallons of biodiesel sold.

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