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LCFS trade welcomes CARB reconfirm with price rally

California LCFS traders welcomed Friday’s unanimous vote in favor of reconfirming the scheme with further strong price gains. Credits traded at $70 on Friday amid widespread expectations that  steepening annual CI reduction targets offer future price support, with most sellers walking back to $75 on Friday as bids firmed towards $70. The week’s average price finished at $68, up 5% WoW. At CARB’s Friday hearing, the board voted 9-0 to re-adopt the program under the recently released proposal which will improve the CI methodology and west coast market prospects for generic US corn ethanol amongst other changes, although the re-adopted rule will only come into effect at the beginning of 2016. Elsewhere D4 RINs held steady in the high 40s cents/gal on Friday against a 12.70 5-day average for  D5/D6 RIN spreads which are key for sugarcane ethanol arbitrage economics into the US.


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