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LCFS Prices retain value as ethanol prices climb


Today California LCFS credits settled at $64, holding the same level for over a week now, with many players anticipating a continued lack of volatility. The buy side indications continued to hold a $60 to $63 range while sell side indications stuck at $65. D5 RINs fell 3.25 cents, tightening the D5/D6 spread to a recent low of 5.45 cents. While US ethanol prices continued to track higher along with corn after Friday’s bullish WASDE, Brazilian ethanol offers rose in anticipation of an increase to the CIDE tax, keeping the US import arb shut. D4 RINs price took a break from their freefall as they closed at 39.25 cents, holding its value from last Friday.

sep 14 prices graph

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