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High Plains Bioenergy celebrate opening of Missouri based biodiesel plant

Renewable fuel producer High Plains Bioenergy (HPB) celebrated the grand opening of its newest biodiesel production plant in St. Joseph, Missouri on Monday. The plant will use vegetable oil as its primary feedstock to produce up to 28 mn gal/yr of biodiesel.

The plant can move its biodiesel domestically by truck and rail, bringing the firm’s combined output capacity to 60mn gal/yr alongside an existing asset in Guymon, Oklahoma. The Oklamhoma facility is currently registered in the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) systems with records showing it was certified for the LCFS in June.

The plant’s major feedstocks will be a mixture of tallow and white grease, with finished product available to be transported by rail to CA. The pathway boasts a CI of 35.57, with 30% of the tallow sourced locally.
HZ 18/10/2016

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