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Biodiesel Europe

European Biodiesel imports sink 16% YoY

EU biodiesel imports reached 41,881mt in December, up 5% MoM, according to the latest data release from Eurostat. 15,985mt of this came from Malaysia, with 10,243mt being imported from Argentina and 7,359mt from India.

European imports of biodiesel fell 16% YoY in 2015 to 454,934mt, with 77% of this coming from Malaysia. The highest monthly level of biodiesel imports was 64,770mt in July, with 84% of this coming from Malaysia, and smaller volumes coming from India and South Korea.

Imports of Malaysian biodiesel hit 348,785mt in 2015. December saw Malaysian biodiesel imports fall 43% MoM to 15,985mt. The largest importers of Malaysian biodiesel were the Netherlands and Spain, bringing in 206,804mt and 137,183mt respectively.

Despite the anti-dumping duties which apply, 12,605mt of Indonesian biodiesel was imported to Europe through Spain in 2015, with 18,813mt of Argentinian biodiesel also imported into Spain last year. 7,350mt of biodiesel was imported into the Netherlands from India in December.


NB 1/3/2016

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