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EU “not afraid” for post-2020 future of biofuels

The European is “not afraid for the future of biofuels post 2020,” Ruta Baltause, policy officer from the European Commission’s DG Energy, Renewables and CCS unit told a Swiss conference audience on Wednesday.

Carbon reduction proposals for transport fuel post-2020 are at a very “sensitive stage”, Baltause told delegates.

“Its very important for the EU Commission to put in place the framework for biofuels post-2020 as early as possible,” Baltause said.

EU biodiesel producers are nervous about the industry’s future post-2020, when current blending obligations built into the Renewable and Fuel Quality Directives lapse. Biofuels remain the only obvious way of reducing carbon emissions as a percentage of road transport fuel consumption at scale given the length of time it will take for electric vehicles to make significant inroads into vehicle fleet make-ups.

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