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Biodiesel Europe

EU biodiesel producers slam GHG study

EU biodiesel producers’ association EBB has slammed lobbying efforts by Brussels-based group T&E to eradicate the use of first generation biofuels by 2020, which EBB says paints biodiesel in an unfairly bad light using selective use of supporting studies.

“[T&E] seems to have decided to lobby against biodiesel and in favour of fossil fuels,” EBB said in a statement. T&E’s lobbying efforts ignore GHG studies by California’s CARB, EBB said, which are underpinning rapid uptake of biodiesel on the US West Coast to achieve the state’s ambitious plans for carbon emission cuts over the next five years.

T&E instead focuses on unreliable GHG studies which have yet to be subjected to scientific peer review, according to EBB.


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