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EBB to expell member-company over low-priced biodiesel exports


European biodiesel producers’ association European Biodiesel Board (EBB) is in the process of expelling a Bulgarian member company, claiming the firm refused to co-operate to fight “unfair behaviours” by Polish fuel market players regarding low-price biodiesel exports, which EBB says are “illegal”.

The biodiesel industry association said Thursday that “Polish operators have been capitalising on the export of under-priced biodiesel that has already been declared as blended” as Polish law doesn’t require biodiesel claimed towards the country’s mandate to be consumed domestically. EBB adds that as a consequence, “a large part of biodiesel volumes are counted towards EU national blending mandates twice”, first in Poland and then at “an unfair dumped price in any other EU country”, creating market distortions.

The group expressed “strong concern” about the “unfair” and “illegal” low-price biodiesel exports from Poland which, it says remains “unchallenged” by EU authorities, continuing to damage the EU renewable fuels market.

EBB said that although it has alerted Polish and EU authorities, the Polish biodiesel export trend is still increasing.

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