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Aemetis to produce enzymatic biodiesel in India


California-based biodiesel producer Aemetis announced Monday that its India-based subsidiary Universal Biofuels has obtained regulatory approval for the production of its enzymatic biodiesel at its Kakinada plant.

The firm intends to produce biodiesel using waste oil feedstocks and supply to customers in the US and Europe through its contract with BP and bridge the expected shortfall in Argentinian and Indonesian biodiesel imports caused by last week’s Department of Commerce (DOC) countervailing duties ruling.

The Universal Biofuels plant is the sole biofuel producer in India approved to deliver waste oil and tallow-based biodiesel to the LCFS and can generate 50mn gal of biodiesel a year. The production of these fuels would help offset some of the shortfalls of over 400mn gal of Argentinian and Indonesian biodiesel imported into the US annually that has taken a hit from this month’s DOC ruling.

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