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Agriculture Americas

Heavy US rains trigger flooding and fieldwork delays: USDA

Early July rains stretching from the southern plains to the southern corn belt triggered more lowland flooding, fieldwork delays and further declines in US crop conditions, USDA said in its weekly weather and crop bulletin on Tuesday. US bean crop conditions deteriorated over the past week as fresh rains exacerbated June’s water damage, with the percentage of the crop rated good or excellent down a point to 62%, USDA reported on Monday. A year ago 72% of the crop was rated good or excellent. Weather forecasts remain unfavourable for US soybean farmers with more rains forecast, which could provide a price prop deep into the second half of July. Brazilian soybean farmers are eyeing US farmers’ waterlog woes and the EU’s drought depressed 2015 rapeseed harvest as an opportunity for their own export prospects.

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