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Agriculture Europe

French rapeseed suffers another downgrade

France has cut projections for its rapeseed harvest again in the agriculture ministry’s August update. The crop is tipped to come in at 5mn t at the end of the current harvest, down 8.9% YoY thanks to reduced yield and acreage and representing a 100,000t reduction from July’s forecast.

The French rapeseed footprint is reported at 1.48mn ha for the 2015 marketing year, down 2.5% YoY and unchanged from the forecast stretching back to May. Yield per hectare is marketed down nearer 8% across the already reduced acreage, a 0.5% write-down compared to June’s report.

European Commission estimates from late June pegged the French rapeseed crop at 5.07mn t, 13% smaller than its projections for Germany. Last year Germany’s rapeseed crop beat French output by 14%.

French rapeseed’s poor performance is in stark contrast to a record outlook for French wheat farmers. The French soft wheat crop is projected to hit 39.3mn t, up 4.7% YoY and 10% above the five year average. The bumper crop comes thanks to a 3% rise in acreage and a 1.7% improvement YoY in French wheat yields.

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