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French rapeseed farmers set to trump German output

French rapeseed output is set to beat German production this year, according to fresh German farmer data. German rapeseed production will fall to 4.9MMT, down 21.3% on last year’s record breaking harvest of 6.2MMT, according to German agricultural co-operative DRV. The French government expects French farmers to produce 5.07MMT this year according to the most recent French data, following a YoY expansion in the French rapeseed footprint.

Rainfall over the western European rapeseed belt has plummeted well below half normal levels over the past 6 months. French farmers have been reported struggling with heat effects as their harvest gets underway. This dry weather and high temperatures have slashed German yield expectations by 16.3%. France and Germany collectively supply just under half of the EU’s rapeseed output.


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