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Biosev sugarcane crushing set to soar through 2017/18 harvest season


Biosev, the second biggest sugar cane producer in the world, estimates to crush between 31.5mn t and 33.5mn t of sugar cane through the 2017/18 crop season in Brazil. Biosev’s sugarcane crush reached 31.5mn t in 2016/17, up 1.9% YoY. This marked the highest volume of sugarcane crushed by the company in over six years, in line with estimations made back in June 2016. The company’s strong performance is a result of a productivity increase, the firm said in a press release.

Biosev, responsible for 3% of Brazil’s 2016/17 total 1.2bn t sugarcane crush, was one of few Brazilian sugar and ethanol producers going against the overall downward trend in Brazilian sugarcane crushing for the 2016/17 harvest season. Crushing in the Center-South of Brazil, the main production hub in Brazil, reached 607.14mn t, down 1.7% YoY according to UNICA.

Over the past three years, Brazil’s economic crisis has left domestic cane crushers with no choice but to contract debt in order to stay afloat. While large firms such as Biosev, Raízen, and São Martinho can bypass these financial struggles by finding different sources of credit, smaller crushers are still left loaded with debt, resulting in them struggling to crush more sugarcane, producers said in an international sugar conference in São Paulo.

JFS 25/04/2017

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